Charcoal fired yakitori and handmade dishes are pride of ours.

you can enjoy classical cacole fired dishes, which is fired Binchotan at familiar price.
The concept of this Izakaya is "Izakaya in everyday use with your friends."

Relief, Best-of selection, Just cooked, <Daintiness>

Our belief is to serve dishes and it's daintiness by warm hand to each guests. Ingredients are a best-of selection that we made over time and effort in watami farm. Serve dish in just cooked to guests. Nothing special, but we think those are very important. We do our best to protect those.

Never changed persistence to make by hand.
We cashe way to make our guest enjoy each menu, so we value handmade without relying all processing and cooking on automation. In our food preparation center, we deliver ingredients that is prepared by hand without any preservative to many brushes. we streamline as value on taste of handmade.
Relief by looking at dining table.
To pursue taste is not to say but also safety and relief of food is necessary to enjoy space you eat in. In watami farm all over Japan,we make organic products and deliver in fresh to each brunch. Also, we are moving into the dairy husbandry and the egg business here. Furthermore, we established project to dock off additives (chemical seasoning) from processed food and basic ingredient to chase safety and relief of foods.

encounter, contact, consolation <place>

Watami's goal is to " provide any kinds of place for encounter, contact, and consolation. We value on making place, where you can enjoy precious meal time.

We want to make place where is full of smile.
The smile when there are good food, good service, and the people you love. We make Izakaya that has food space with such a wonderful smile. We want to provide the place with great smile.
Comfort you can choose by your fun
Comfortable place in where you enjoy party with your friends and gathering with your family. The seats are a little rich, you can enjoy talking with your precious people without destruction in a private room. We have rooms that you can choose by your feeling. A way to enjoy here is to choose room by your style. Please enjoy "comfort" you can choose by scene.

Value on people, taste made by heart <People>

The motto of watami is "being kind, fulling of smile, being decent". Each staff welcome guests with heart of omotenashi to provide service that is more than in our manual. We have vitality and smile, value on encounter with guests for your comfortable and fun meal time.

All for guests
When surround table, "we hope the time to be happy time that you enjoy wonderful time with your family, friends, or precious people", so we make up here in that way. Only our way of thinking evere is that "Izakaya is only of guests". Based on that thinking, we educate staff and improve brunches to make personal trust between watami and guests.
Persistent communication.
To put guests opinion first, we hold careful staff meeting, and also we have the system in that surveys and guests' opinion from our homepage will be reflected to actual scenes. We mind service from guests' sight of view.
Smoking seats are set up so, from child to elder, everyone enjoy comfortably. Because we want to see your guests smile, we welcome guests with cheerful "Thank you for your coming" from bottom of our hearts.

The way to enjoy izakaya in wataminchi


Please wait a little in the entrance, staff will come soon
You can choose the room from Tatami room(take off your shes) or typical table setting room.


After having your seat, choose dishes and drinks form menu on the table. Even if you cannot speak Japanese, you can post pictures on menu to order.


Enjoy dishes as they served. Dishes will be more delicious if you use soy sauce or other seasonings.


After you enjoy meal, finish your payment at chasser by entrance. You can use credit card.



店舗名 炭火焼だいにんぐ「わたみん家」八代店
住所 熊本県八代市本町1丁目3 24
アクセス 鹿児島本線(JR九州) 八代駅
電話番号 050-7542-6041
営業時間 18:00〜翌2:00 金土曜及び祝休日の前日は17:00〜4:00 日曜祝日は2:00迄
定休日 毎週火曜日